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Time to check your Adsense settings

26.04.05 | filed in e, Adsense

Until now, the selection of how ads should appear on your page were text or image only. But with the recent changes, animated pictures or (even worse) flash is possible! So if you run Adsense on your pages, there is a good reason to check your settings now.

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Which pingserver allows me to chose the feed I want to ping with?!

25.04.05 | filed in Tools, e

Having two feeds in one blog (even with autodiscovery) it seems to be complicated to ping the according services with the correct feed.

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Zum Teilen von Gewinnen müssen erst mal Gewinne vorhanden sein ...

25.04.05 | filed in Professional-Blogging, Adsense

Wenn bezahlte Blogger zu wenig einnehmen, besteht die Gefahr, daß sie weniger objektiv berichten oder sich mehr nach den Anzeigenkunden strecken, als sie eigentlich sollten. Der Dienstraum beschäftigt sich in "Schreiben für Anzeigenkunden" mit dem Bezahlmodell von Gawker und Weblogs Inc.:

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Europe preparing itself for the future

25.04.05 | filed in Business-Blogging, e

While Blogging is big in the US, Europe is slowly catching up. And on the way, the European countries start looking at their neighbours, and not only overseas anymore.

Two conferences are going to push us more into the future: Lesblogs and reboot. Why are conferences in Europe so important?

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Successful bloggers need to love blogging first

24.04.05 | filed in Professional-Blogging, e

In order to have a 'career' in blogging, you have to have certain skills to succeed. But what are those skills needed to be a successful blogger?

Darren asks the question in "Pro Blogger Qualities - Open Mike": "What would be your top 5 qualities for a Pro Blogger to have (in order of preference)?"

While I am not in favour to make such ranking answers, I do like to give many ideas and input into such a question. ;) So my take on it is this:

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Professioneller- / Business-Blogger - der Unterschied

23.04.05 | filed in Business-Blogging, Professional-Blogging

Bei der Suche nach einem Namen für dieses Blog gab es eine Menge Namen zur Auswahl, und einige davon hatten Variationen von 'Business Blog' im Titel. Trotzdem schienen sie nicht passend zu sein, und es hat mich eine Weile gekostet, bis ich auf das Problem gestoßen bin: Es gibt einen Unterschied zwischen Business Blogs und professionellem Blogging.

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About / Über Blogpraxis

23.04.05 | filed in Allgemein, e

Yet another blog, and on blogging itself? Nobody wants to read such! You think? I beg to differ.

I do like talking about blogs, and I am not the only one. And because I do like talking about blogs a lot, it only seemed consequent to make this a niche blog. While this seems like 'just another blog', there is a difference to most of the blogs on blogs out there: I write from a non-american (= european), bilingual point of view.

Blogging in Germany is as of today still in its infant stages, Europe is not much better, but I am sure it will develop in the next months - and I would like to be not only a part of it, but engage in discussions about it with a focus on Germany and Europe.

So what is Blogpraxis about? Read on (this time in English and below in German).

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Contact / Kontakt

23.04.05 | filed in Administration, e

This form is the easiest way to reach me. You can also skype me, but please don't just call but provide a reason why I should talk to you first - female names tend to get random calls (my id is nicole.simon) ...

Am einfachsten über dieses Formular, die Nachrichten gehen am schnellsten an mich. :)

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