New Feedburner feature: BuzzBoost

13.07.05 | filed in e, Feedburner

I think, I will start a pro account at Feedburner just because they make so many nice things available.

The latest idea in the list: BuzzBoost.

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Help needed: How to get the date from different blogsoftware?

04.07.05 | filed in e, Tools

My last post "How to only show ads after X days" got me some mails and comments, many of them around the point: "I don't know how to do it".

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How to only show ads after X days

03.07.05 | filed in Adsense, e, Tools

Most bloggers only have one layout and everybody is served the same, whether it is our daily readers or search engine traffic. But why? This article shows an example on how to differentiate those visitors based on the age of the post.

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How I learned typing for four time

20.06.05 | filed in e, Tools

In a recent post over at Problogger I encouraged you to learn proper typing to improve your 'over all blogging experience'. Trust me, while it might take time, it is always worth the effort. I myself consider me to be an example of relearning this for four times. If you had not had the chance, I encourage you to read it, here just a short excerpt:

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Resync your feedburner feed

05.06.05 | filed in e, Feedburner

What to do when you want your burned feed to be updated at feedburner.

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To be spammed ...

31.05.05 | filed in e

by a list of some hundred keywords is bad.

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On the internet, nobody knows you are not a writer

31.05.05 | filed in e

Stephen Baker stated a well known fact in the blogspotting blog: You don't need to be a 'writer' to have a blog.

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What do I expect of an offline blog editor?

29.05.05 | filed in e, Tools

The more blogs one runs, the more difficult it is to keep track and post / prepare stuff. While it helps to have a bit of organisation around, many bloggers start using offline editors. And I am sure, many also curse about them. So, as Tris from the Isle Qumana ;) asks "What are your needs for an offline blog editor", you have a chance to answer that question.

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Customer who liked this ad also liked ...

27.05.05 | filed in Adsense, e

At the moment, advertisers display directly linked, contextual ads. But why stop there? With knowlegde about research behaviour, it only seems logical that advertisers like Google and Yahoo will take it to the next level: Customers who liked this ad also liked ...

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RssAds are coming

19.05.05 | filed in e, Adsense

While Google started it contextual advertisement to feeds, another service goes the Blogads way.

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